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Semi Permanent Makeup




Semi Permanent Makeup also known as Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It is a simple method of implanting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This is a non-surgical treatment used to enhance the appearance of your eyes, brows or lips.  Creating a more youthful look maximising the appearance of your natural features.  Treatments are suitable for sports enthusiasts, alopecia sufferers, and those allergic to conventional cosmetic makeup.

No smudging or rubbing off , top up needed every 1-2 years.


Brow Treatments 

This treatment is suitable for sports enthusiasts, alopecia sufferers and anyone allergic to convential cosmetics.  If your brow area i short, sparse, patchy or thin we will create a desired shape.  If your brows are completely gone we will create new brows to suit.  We may not be blessed with perfect brows but that does not mean we cant have them.


Eye Liner

Eye Liner is used to enhance the depth and definition of the eyes.


Lash Liner

Tiny dots between the Lashes to imitate growing lashes, creating the illusion of fuller lashes.


Lip Liner

Lips can be defined to emphasize or correct an irregular lip.  Shape, colour used should compliment the natural lip colour and skin tone.

The procedure can prevent lipstick bleed and also camouflage scars and ageing lines around the mouth.  Or choose to add a Full Lip Colour

Once the lip liner has been created you can have the full lip filled.  This is wonderful for people with pale lips, choose for a subtle, blush or dramatic effect.



A variety of pigment colours are available to choose from, to get the correct match for your skin tone and hair colouring.  There are a different brows you can achieve like 3D simulation, Powder effect, Fine hair stoke and part brow.  During your consultation your needs will be assessed, once you are happy with your choosen design effect and colour your treatment will commence.


What happens during treatment?

During your consultation you will decide on the effect, colour and shape you require.  A topical anesthetic is applied to skin to make procedure comfortable.  The pigment is then tattooed into the skin, on completion a healing balm is applied and after care advice is given.  A second appointment is then booked as the colour will need a top up within 4-6 weeks.


The colour will fade around 3 years but we recommend you retouch within 2 years to maintain a fresh look.


Treatment Costs:


EyeBrow Enhancement £290 



Hair Stroke


Lip Enhancement

Liner £

Blush £


EyeLash Enhancement

Top or Bottom £200

Both £360


EyeLiner Enhancement

Top or Bottom £240

Both £400


Call  07554342771 to book or more information, OR BOOK ONLINE.

Models also required for portfolio work call or email for model fee price and availability.